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Our Mission

Mission Statement: Providing support for K-12 students pursuing Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Education.


Founded in honor of Mike “Dapp” Dappolone, this organization strives to continue his lifelong passion for the sciences, education, and making people smile. Our goal is to motivate and inspire students to pursue studies in these fields with the help of scholarships, technology donations, mentorships and much more.

Dapp Inspired funds the Michael Dappolone Memorial Scholarship, one of our first initiatives, which is available to graduating seniors from Cherry Hill East and Haddon Township High School. Funding is made possible through the generous community of friends, family, colleagues and former students who have donated in his name or attended a fundraising event.


Like Mike, we are always thinking of other ways we can help, lives we can impact by spreading his message. Dapp Inspired aims to expand in the future, offering not just scholarships, but computers, tablets, supplies and materials, and personal guidance for deserving students. They are the future Mike sought to inspire on a daily basis.

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